FE Examination Dates

Year Spring Exam Fall Exam
2010 April 17 October 30
2011 April 9 October 29
2012 April 14 October 27

When to Take FE Exam

Before registering for an NCEES exam, you must first be approved by the appropriate licensing board. You should contact the licensing board where you intend to apply for licensure prior to registering with NCEES to verify the requirements that must be met. Generally speaking, students who are enrolled in an accredited engineering program are required to take the FE examination during their Senior year (last two semesters of the program).

Cost of FE Exam

Expect to pay anywhere from $0 to about $50 for the FE application with the licensing board, and another $120 for the FE Examination fee paid to NCEES. Cancellations must be requested through NCEES. Refunds will include the exam fees paid to NCEES. There is a $35 processing fee for cancellations.