Morning Session of FE Exam

Electricity and Magnetism Topic Area

The following subtopics are covered in the Electricity and Magnetism portion of the FE Examination:

A. Charge, energy, current, voltage, power
B. Work done in moving a charge in an electric field (relationship between voltage and work)
C. Force between charges
D. Current and voltage laws (Kirchhoff, Ohm)
E. Equivalent circuits (series, parallel)
F. Capacitance and inductance
G. Reactance and impedance, susceptance and admittance
H. AC circuits
I. Basic complex algebra

The Electricity and Magnetism portion covers approximately 9% of the morning session test content.

FE exam. org offers a collection of videos and lecture notes which review the content covered in the morning session of the FE Exam, including the Electricity and Magnetism topic area.