FE Exam Review Videos and Notes

We offer a DVD of videos and lecture notes which reviews the morning session topics of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE Exam). These videos and lecture notes can also be used to prepare for the afternoon general ("Other Disciplines") session of the FE exam. This material was originally produced with the financial support of the U.S. federal government. You will need Real Player software (which can be downloaded for free) to see the video files.  You will need Adobe Reader (which can also be downloaded for free) to view the corresponding lecture notes. Below is a list of the topics covered in the over thirty-one hours of video review and 761 pages of lecture notes, which you will receive with your order. We have included the "Introduction" and "Strategies" videos and notes below for your immediate download to give you a sample of the FE Exam review material that you will receive.

  1. Introduction to the FE Exam (1 Hour Video; 27 Pages Notes)
  2. FE Exam Strategies(1 Hour Video; 38 Pages Notes)
  3. Chemistry (2 Hours Video; 35 Pages Notes)
  4. Computers/Numerical Mthds (1 Hour Video; 38 Pages Notes)
  5. Dynamics (3 Hours Video; 70 Pages Notes)
  6. Electric Circuits (3 Hours Video; 66 Pages Notes)
  7. Engineering Economics (2 Hours Video; 42 Pages Notes)
  8. Engineering Ethics (1 Hour Video; 16 Pages Notes)
  9. Fluid Mechanics (3 Hours Video; 79 Pages Notes)
10. Materials Science (2 Hours Video; 37 Pages Notes)
11. Math (3 Hours Video; 86 Pages Notes)
12. Statics (3 Hours Video; 70 Pages Notes)
13. Strength of Materials (3 Hours Video; 125 Pages Notes)
14. Thermodynamics (3 Hours Video; 32 Pages Notes)